Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A girl's eye view of stuff to do

The stuff I like to do is all most every were.
I like to read,draw,bike riding ,writing ,
computer,video games,playing
with my siblings ,
going to the park,and last but not lest is..................
playing with my Family!
Thats a girls eye view! 


  1. What about your fashion shows? or swimming at the pool? or having "girl time"? Those are some of my favorites of your favorites!
    Love, mom

  2. Hi Ab,
    I love love our tea parties and Fancy Nancy stuff. Do you want me to bring the fancy napkins to the shore? I bought you TWO new bathing suits today. They are very grown up, I think you will like them.
    I also like giggling under the covers and telling silly stories.
    Love ya